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In the DJ world, there are many aspects to be taken into account. One of them is legal regarding copyright and the use of music. Many DJs do not play their music and mix popular songs into one track, so they need to be very careful not to break any copyright laws.

Do DJs Have to Pay for Music?

Absolutely. DJs must buy singles, albums, tracks, etc. which will be modified and included in the mix. However, in addition to this legal acquisition, specific licenses may or may not be necessary to allow copyrighted music to play in front of a large crowd. Some countries have enforced this law, requiring DJs to pay for this digital license, and others do not because the location and associations responsible for the even have to pay them instead.

In the UK, Canada, Finland, Italy, and several other countries, the law is particular on the type of payment a DJ must pay to purchase a digital license. These fees allow them to play, copy and edit tracks on copyrighted material, such as CDs, vinyl, tapes, digital recordings, and other media. They can also legally copy it to a digital audio player, hard drive, mp3 player, etc. In these countries, DJs must obtain this permission before starting a professional career. This includes the use of copyrighted music for their mixes.


DJ’s in the United States do not have to pay for this permit to play music. Of course, they have to buy all the tracks they plan to use to keep ti legal, but they don’t need a digital license.

Restaurants, halls, venues clubs, and other places are the ones who pay for the DJ’s rights to play music. There is a so-called Performing Rights Organizations law enforcement organization that acts as an intermediary between music producers, composers, artists, and the places where they want to play their music. In the United States, these organizations are ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc. After they pay their fees to each music owner, the venues then allowed to play it for the crowd. When DJs work in such places, they are automatically allowed to play these tracks at no cost.

In other words, an DJs in the US is not required to obtain a BMI or ASCAP license since even clubs and these players are responsible for paying these fees. However, some sites charge a DJ fee and can only be played on the DJ if the DJ pays the fee and is authorized to play the copyrighted material.

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