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Trypanophobia or aichmophobia – is known as the fear of injections. This phobia is as common as the fear of flying. Every year more and more people are added to the list, which suffers from the fear of injections. They go through needless distress due to their fear of injections. This phobia can significantly affect a person’s life. This causes panic and alarming attacks. It exhibits a wide range of symptoms, such as shortness of breath, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeats or convulsions, or nausea or anxiety. Each patient has different symptoms. Living with this kind of phobia means living in fear all the time. This can often disrupt your work or family life. This may also mean the ruling out of several destinations as vacation trips.

Fear of Doctor Needle – Injections:

Fear of injections also involves fear of the needle. This is a general phobia. At least 5% of the country’s population suffers from this phobia. That’s why so many people miss regular visits to their doctors; they rather do not visit a doctor, but visit and need injections. People are often scared of the type of needle. Many people not only suffer from panic attacks but faint at the sight of a needle. The intensity of fear of injection or deformation of the needle differs from person to person. In some cases, they are specific, for example, some people are scared of dental injections, while some are scared of injections in general.


Can you overcome the fear of injections or fear of needles and How?

Yes, you can overcome the fear of injections and fear of needles. There are several ways to overcome this fear. Your doctors or therapists can help. The best ways to fight phobias are hypnosis.


Hypnosis is the art of overcoming the unconscious mind. All our phobias begin in our minds. If we can defeat our unconscious sense of fear, we can be sure that our conscious mind can fight fear. Every fear stems from our unconscious mind. You do not need to go to the hypnotist. You just need to download MP3 for hypnosis, and it will tell you everything you need to know and do. You can sit at home, view the session and get rid of this fear.

Treatment of hypnosis is so powerful that in an hour you will find yourself relaxed and calm. Hypnosis is indeed a great way to treat most phobias or medical disorders. You will be confident enough to go and get the shots or injections that you need. You will find that going to the doctor will not look painful or worth any worries or panic attacks.

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