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Dog food does not have as many shapes, colors, sizes, and flavors as human food, but there are many different types. Whichever type you choose, the most important element in your decision is to find foods that meet all of your dog’s nutritional needs.

There are five main types of dog food.

1: Kibble/Dry

Dry food is the most economical type of commercial dog food, and that is why many owners choose it for their dogs. It also lasts a long time and does not need to be refrigerated. Dry food also helps keep the dog’s teeth healthy as chewing crisp, dry food reduces the build-up of tartar. When choosing specific dry foods, read the ingredients carefully, and select a brand that uses healthy foods as the main ingredient.

2: Canned

Most dogs love canned or wet foods. It has a long shelf life and can be easily found in any supermarket, but it can be expensive. For some owners, the cost is worth it, but not all canned brands provide the protein your pup needs. The real question is how much digestible protein it provides. Indigestible proteins pass through your dog’s system without being broken down into absorb-able nutrients, so it is completely unnecessary.


Most canned food contain about 75% water. The more water content, the fewer nutrients, and the more food your dog needs to get the nutritional value he needs. When giving dog food, it is recommended to use the one labeled “100% nutrition”.

3: Semi-Moist

Dog food in the form of pork chops, burgers, or other meats is called semi-moist food. These types of foods are the least nutritious of all dog foods and contain many artificial flavors and colors. These can be offered to your dog as an occasional treat, but should not be considered a meal in itself as they do not provide the nutrition needed by the puppy.

4: Homemade

Some dog owners appreciate total control of the dog’s diet. A homemade meal ensures that the owner knows what is in his dog’s food and is confident that his nutritional needs are being met. Giving a dog a homemade meal takes time and money, but many owners believe that extra effort deserves the peace of mind they get. If you are giving your dog a homemade meal, be careful with your dog’s nutrition and make sure your dog has not missing out any important nutrients.

5: Raw

Raw meat is a natural source of phosphorus and calcium, raw food consists of raw meat, preferably made up of several bones (raw, never cooked bones) and mixed in. This type of meal works well for many dogs. Because dogs have a short intestinal tract and a strong stomach acid, both promote the consumption and digestion of raw food. Talk to your veterinarian about the benefits and risks before giving your dog a raw diet.

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