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We have perhaps played dominoes when we where children. The rectangular tile box is perhaps hidden in a drawer or closet and is ready to open on a rainy day or a sluggish Sunday afternoon. People still love this ancient game. Dominoes can be played in many ways, but people follow the basic rules of the game. That’s because the score is easy, fun, and easy to keep score.

If you have forgotten the game, thoroughly review the rules and scoring patterns of the game and rediscover. That way, you will enjoy playing with your kids, friends, and grandchildren. One game of dominoes is enough to get you addicted and hooked. You will want to share this timeless classic game with your loved ones.

Dominoes games are simple and easy to understand. Dominoes games are available in a variety of formats, from simple to complex, from complicated to uncomplicated.

Dominoes was instigated in China in the 12th century and seemed to have found its way in Europe in the 18th century. Today it is famous all over the world. All ages and nationalities play it. It is a national game of many Latin American countries, a popular club game in Europe, and a favorite party game in America.


Dominoes games have to be derived from dice in the old days, and dice are considered the oldest game implement. The term bone was replaced by the word Dominoes because it resembled a half-masked dominoes. Dominoes pieces are made of ivory, wood, metal, or plastic. There are many games you can play with Domino. Draw games are the most straightforward and most commonly played games.

The Dominoes game set includes 28 pieces and can be played by four players. These pieces are also referred as tiles, cards, bones, or stones. Ancient dominoes sets were made from ivory or bone. Each tile is rectangular in shape, with a line in the center, and divided into two edges. These edges are either blotch with spots or are left blank. These edges may or may not have 1 to 6 dots. These dots are known as pips. Tiles with a maximum number of spots at each end are called doublets. The pile that are not used during dominoes play are called boneyard.

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