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Submitted by on Mar 9, 2016

There are many different varieties of Doritos for many years, and I would like to add my 5 favourite flavors of Doritos. All are subject to your opinion and personal taste.

5. Blazin’ Buffalo and Ranch – For every lover of buffalo chicken wings, this is a very pleasant taste, and they mix with two flavors together very well.

4. Taco flavored Doritos – They have a very pungent taste, and mix some spices and natural flavor of corn which really makes it taste as if you are eating a taco. I’ve always loved the taste of tacos with Doritos.

3. Pizza Cravers and Ranch – This bag combines with two different flavors of Doritos, and about half of the chips in every taste. The main chips all looked the same color as normal the Doritos, but pizza chips has a lot of orange spice to them, and those at the ranch were tiny pieces of pepper. The tastes of both kinds are pretty good. It tastes like ranch flavor with a small amount in afterkick, and the pizza is not quite the taste of the pizza, but they were at a distance, like pizza.

2. Nacho Cheese – Doritos Nacho Cheese can be found all over the world it has a very good taste tasty with delicious, cheesy corn chip.

1. Cool Ranch – A little spice, a little soft, and it has amazing taste, I still go crazy for it.

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