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Extreme sports are becoming more and more popular these days. Mountain biking attracts daredevils from around the world who like to have an “adventure sports experience.”

The term mountain biking includes many different styles. The range goes from soft types such as cross-country where you go up and down hills, and cyclo-cross, which is a combination between mountain and road biking, to more “extreme” styles. The downhill bike is one of the most extreme types, and it is also one of the most popular forms of mountain biking.

In downhill mountain biking, as the name suggests, you only descend the hills. The bike and the biker are transported up to the top by a lift, then begin the exciting descent. What you are aiming for is getting to the bottom of the hill as quickly as possible, successfully passing all the obstacles. The situations that occur often become quite extreme. This includes jumps of up to twelve meters in length, a fall of three meters, and other types of difficult conditions that you may find on a mountain slope.


People who love downhill mountain biking are those who are looking for a good challenge, who aspire to the adrenaline pumping experience and who do not care about a few bruises. It is for those who like to be on the risky and exciting side of life.

The bike used is a heavy bike compared to other mountain bikes and weighs somewhere between forty and fifty pounds, so forget to pedal uphill once you are there. If you started your race, there is only one way to go, and it is down. The bike must be able to withstand extreme conditions, so it is equipped with front and rear suspensions and heavy tubes. For the biker, it is necessary to use full safety equipment with an appropriate helmet, glasses, bodysuit as well as knee pads and handguards. You can expect to have close contact with dirt even if you are a professional downhill biker.

There are many ways to improve your skills, the most important of course is to practice, then practice a little more and a little more. There are lots of books, YouTube videos, and websites where people can watch professionally performed stunts sharing their tips and ideas. It’s a big part of your learning, and you can take it with you when you’re actually on the hill. The only way to fully master it is to learn by experience.

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