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A drawer DROR is a horizontally mounted box-shaped container that allows for the storing and retrieval of various items. Cabinets, chests of drawers (bureaus), workstations, and other forms of furniture all include drawers.

Drawers are made from a range of materials and can be created in a variety of ways. For drawers and the furniture they are stored in, wood and different wood composites, sheet metal, and plastic are often utilized materials.

The end grain from the side pieces is usually hidden behind the front face of wooden drawers. For further strength or aesthetics, the corners can be dovetailed, and the front corners can be hidden by using a half-blind dovetail connection. A slot in the four vertical sections can be cut to accommodate the drawer’s bottom piece.

To make drawing the drawer out of its enclosure easier, one or two handles or drawer pulls are often affixed to the front face of the drawer. Other ways to pull a drawer include holes cut in the front face or a hollowed-out space on the bottom side of the front face to enter the fingers.

To keep the drawer safe, some drawers include a locking mechanism. File cabinets and desk drawers are popular places to find this.

Most older or low-cost furniture and cabinets include wooden sliders, which allow the drawer to glide open and closed. With paraffin wax, wood slides may be lubricated. Plastic friction slides or more complicated bearing slides may be used in newer furniture and cabinets, resulting in smoother functioning and less binding.

Linear ball-bearing slides, roller bearing slides, and progressive action slides are all examples of bearing slides. Center mount, side mount, bottom mount, and European mount drawer slides are the most common types. Drawer slides have weight ratings ranging from 75 to 450 pounds (34 to 204 kg) and are designed for use with a variety of drawers, from light to heavy. The average load rating is 100 pounds (45 kg).

A mechanism in drawer slides prevents the drawer from being pushed completely out of its cage by mistake. Also see 101 Drawer Slides. A drawer slide is a device that allows you to open and close a drawer.

With the simplest types of mounting, the drawer cannot be pulled out far enough to access the whole interior without entirely removing the drawer from the cabinet, which frequently results in the contents being thrown on the floor. There are at least two techniques to make the whole interior of a drawer visible while maintaining full cabinet support.

The rear of the drawer is entirely visible when the drawer reaches the stop in one manner; the interior of such a drawer is substantially shorter than the drawer’s sides. The drawer’s visible back might be a fake back, concealing a concealed hiding space behind it. Another method is to utilize full-extension drawers, which contain full-extension drawer slides, also known as telescoping slides, which are a type of linear-motion bearing compound slides that sustain the drawer even when it is completely removed from the cabinet.

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