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A drawing pin or thumb tack is a short nail or pin used to attach items to a wall or display board and to be inserted by hand manually, usually with the thumb. Different names are used to refer to different projects intended for different purposes. The push pin has a head that facilitates for easier removal. A map pin or map tack refers to push pins that are used to mark places on a map or to hold a map in place. Thumb tack and push pin are both sometimes compounded (thumbtack or pushpin) or hyphenated (thumb-tack or push-pin).

A drawing pin has two main components: the head, often made of plastic, metal or wood, and a body, usually made of steel or brass. The head is wide to distribute the pushing force of the pin, allowing only hands to be used. There are numerous head designs: flat, dome, spherical, cylindrical, and various heads, such as hearts or stars.

Drawing pins are also available in different colors. They can be especially useful for marking different places on the map. Some dotted patterns have a carved body from the head and tilted to produce a pin.

Domed or gripped heads are sometimes preferable to flat heads, since protruding flat heads will point upwards, pose a hazard. Drawing pins also pose a risk of ingestion and choking where they can cause serious damage.

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