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The drops of water flowing out of the tap has the form of drops of tears, as we see them with the naked eye. The reason is that the rear end of the drop of water drop sticks to the water, which is still in the tap, until it can’t hold on anymore. But with the help of a high-speed camera, scientists found that falling rain drops look like a small hamburger bun. As rain falls, the air under the droplet pushes down, causing the drop to flatten.


The water that formed outside the cold glass is liquid water condensed by water vapor into the air. The air contains water vapor. In cold air, steam vapor condenses more quickly than it evaporates. Therefore, when warm air touches the outside of your cold cup glass, air to the glass cools and some of the water in that air turns from water vapor to small liquid water droplets. Clouds in the sky on a cold day are condensed particles of water vapor.

Between ordinary liquids – water has the highest water tension. Mercury is higher. Surface tension is the ability of a substance to stick to itself. That’s why the water forms drops. Plants are happy that water has a high surface tension, because it uses capillary action to extract water from the ground up through its roots and stems.

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