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Drums have existed for a very long time. Some say that even date back to 6000 BC. It is not surprising that they are used for different situations and developed to create a wide range of different types. That being said, all the drums or “membranophones” (technical diagram) consists of at least one of the head drum and the drum skin.

This is stretched over a membrane and beat by hand or tool to produce sound. It is most commonly used as a musical instrument in a group of percussion instruments to be used in rituals or entertainment as a modern day rock bands. Throughout the world, the drums were made of many materials including wood, metal, plastic and even clay.

Drum skin material may also vary from place to place, culture to culture. There may be used various skins of animals such as goats, sheep, and antelopes, and synthetic materials.

There is another classification depends on how the drum has its head. The drum may have two heads on both sides of the body, or alternatively, the head drum in the upper body. There are drums which are designed to be easy to carry, for example, those used in outdoor parades and drums, which are immobile.

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