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Digital satellite newsgathering (DSNG) is a system that combines electronic newsgathering (ENG) with satellite newsgathering (SNG). The first types of ENG systems were widely used during the 1982 Falkland Islands dispute between England and Argentina. Over time, when electronic devices became smaller, an entire DSNG system was installed in the van. DSNG vans are now common; they are widely used in news coverage.


The DSNG van, also known as the “outdoor broadcasting” (OB) van, is a mobile communications system that uses modern equipment to produce and transmit news in the form in which it occurs, where it happens. A typical DSNG van is equipped with a two-way satellite system with a powerful amplifier, a production component, and an energy system. The DSNG van also comes with a non-standard and powerful electrical system, as it must power all the equipment that it carries, without the need for any external source. Inside the van, there are also several additional devices: a traveling wave amplifier (TWTA) administrator system, an encoder/modulator, primary and secondary monitors, a video synthesizer/mixer, and an audio mixer. The external equipment includes high-definition cameras, a solid-state power amplifier (SSPA), and a low noise reduction converter (LNB).


Production and General Sections

Most DSNG manufacturers can equip vans with the necessary equipment. Some manufacturers even offer stand-alone modular DSNG equipment systems, thanks to which skilled operators can easily move and install equipment from one vehicle to another. DSNG vans have five main working sections: a monitoring section, an audio equipment section, a data and energy storage area, a video control area, and a transmission area.

Mechanics of Transmission of Old Systems

In older DSNG installations, as soon as the camera captures news images, the satellite in the OB van transmits real-time images to the uplink satellite, which in turn sends the raw material to the geostationary network. The network produces a local copy of the received images for editing. During this editing process, archived images from network libraries are sometimes integrated into the edited video as needed. The edited video will be ready for playback.

Mechanics of Transfer of New Systems

With the advent of DSNG interactive tapeless methods, editing is done simultaneously through a rewriting/proofreading terminal on a laptop. The van is equipped with transmission and reception facilities that allow you to send and receive coarse and compressed files from a remote geostationary network. The primary video server processes files for storage and possible broadcasting. DSNG maximizes bandwidth by enabling faster, real-time news sharing.

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