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E, is the fifth letter of the Semitic alphabet, representing a sound similar to English h, Greek ε and Latin F. The original Semitic character may have originated from an earlier icon representing a lattice window or fence. From the 4th century CE both uncial and cursive forms were rounded. They form the form of Caroling, from which the modern miniature element is taken.

The sound, represented by the letter was a signifying vocalized front, corresponding to, although inaccurate, the sound of the English a in take. The latter is diphthong, but it is a mixed voice, similar to that heard in French tête or été. In Greek, there was a short, close vowel, unlike the one whose sound was long and open, although in all local alphabets, especially in the early days, this distinction was not exactly observed. In the Latin alphabet, the letter E fulfilled the obligation for all nuances of sound, long or short, close or open.

In English, there have been enormous changes in the sound of long vocals during and after the end of the Middle English period (probably between the 13th and 17th centuries). Just as the sound is represented by moving forward, and now it covers the base of the previous one, represented by it, so that it moves up, encroaching upon and occupying the territory of the sound of i, which became a diphthong. The sound of the English long e is now a close high front vowel, since when a double (feed) is written or accompanied by a pleasant and quiet ending e (precedes), the sound is short (the more open and less high before the vowel), which has largely not shifted from that that could be called its original position.


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