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An electric car is a vehicle that uses electric motors and motor controllers to power itself, instead of the internal combustion engines that more typical petrol/diesel car png use. Electric cars need to be charged roughly 150-250 miles, but that’s their maximum lifespan. They can be recharged at home (using special devices) or in electric car charging stations deployed across the country (San Jose, California was the first to test the stations).

Although their popularity has varied over time, they have recently (since the mid-1990s) started to gain popularity again. In April 2009, the United Kingdom government announced its intention to provide a grant of up to £5,000 to people who buy electric or hybrid cars.

Electric cars need to be recharged periodically, as mentioned above. Charging times vary depending on the amount of energy supplied by the outlet. Still, a charging center can recharge an electric car’s battery in one hour (some batteries can, however, be recharged in much less time).


They do not emit carbon dioxide, which means that these cars are used favorably by eco-friendly consumers. Of course, electricity is currently mainly produced by burning fossil fuels, releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Therefore, using an electric car would indirectly release carbon dioxide, even if an electric car is better for the environment than a standard car.

Many electric cars use regenerative braking – this process means that the significant part of the energy used when a vehicle accelerates can be recovered when the car breaks. This increases the overall efficiency of the car.

Safety of Electric Cars

Electric cars are relatively safe because many have standard safety features (side impact bars, front and rear deformation zones, safety glass, etc.), and they are also relatively heavy (compared to standard cars), and heavier cars have been shown to have fewer injuries to passengers than lighter cars in the event of an accident. Of course, it is on average – safety also comes down to the manufacturer and the safety devices he installs. But there is no particular reason why electric cars are less safe than standard cars.

Also, electric cars have several safety layers to mitigate any potential shock to the electric car battery.

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