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Tea is an extremely popular beverage. Many people loved making tea at home for many years. It has become exceptionally easy for tea lovers to use a electric kettle. An electric kettle has many advantages over a conventional stove. Anyone who regularly enjoys tea can appreciate the device that makes the process of making tea easier and faster.

The big advantage of switching to a electric kettle is the time saving component. It takes about ten minutes to brew tea for conventional stove top kettle and it take less than five minutes for electric kettle. This can be very useful for morning tea drinkers who do not want wait sleepily for their morning cup. There are many other times when we find ourselves in a rush, when this aspect of the kettle would come in handy.

An electric kettle can also be easier on your electricity usage as well. The upper part of the furnace is heated unevenly, which makes energy consumption different. All the electric energy used by the electric kettle goes directly to the heating of the water.


There are times using a stove top kettle is not an option. Examples of this may be in a hotel room, office or dorm. In these cases, a small electric kettle will provide a tea that otherwise could not have been enjoyed.

A small kettle can also be a safe option. Most units have an automatic shutdown when water boils. This is useful for forgotten and busy people. The kettle on the stove will boil the water and burn the pan if left unattended. It is also fire hazard if the absent man leaves the house with a boiling kettle on the stove.

An electric kettle has the ability to heat water to a certain temperature. This is perfect for people who love green or white tea. These teas need a little colder water temperature to avoid bitterness. This water temperature is very difficult to obtain using a conventional stove. The cost of electric kettles varies, but it is easy to find for the same, if not less, top-end model.

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