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Emerald stones come from the Greek word “smaragdos”. This is a Birthstone of people whose zodiac sign is Taurus. This stone is considered the “anniversary gemstone” for marriage as this stone symbolizes purity, kindness, and faith. It is considered one of the most beautiful jewels. It is in green color. In rare real emerald green stone is actually more valuable than a diamond.

In addition to beautiful jewelry, the stone has other functions as well as its ability to heal. In ancient times and even today, this stone is used for mental and physical healing. Its refreshing green color is good for eyes can thus be used to treat eye diseases. Furthermore, where emerald is used as a ring or bracelet for children can protect them from diseases, such as convulsions.


It claimed that it is useful for people suffering from ailments of the spine, neurological and psychiatric disorders. It is even good for the majority of poisons and wounds associated toxins. Emerald stones are known to possess mystical power that drives away evil spirits.

Proper care of stone will last throughout life. If you plan to buy better consult your jeweler first, so make sure you get a real emerald stone. They are those that can be identified whether it is authentic or not. This can be very confusing for you to determine the authenticity of the stone emerald from a synthetic one.

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