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A situation that poses an urgent threat to healthlife, property, or the environment is referred to as an emergency. Most crises need immediate action to avoid a worsening of the situation, however mitigation may not be feasible in some cases, and organizations may only be able to provide palliative care in the aftermath.

While certain crises are self-evident (such as a natural catastrophe that threatens many lives), many minor occurrences need a decision by an observer (or impacted party). The specific definition of an emergency, the agencies engaged, and the processes followed vary by jurisdiction, and are normally established by the government, whose agencies (emergency services) are in charge of emergency preparation and management.

An situation qualifies as an emergency if it meets one or more of the following criteria: if it is:

Is a direct danger to life, health, property, or the environment.

Has already resulted in the death of people, harm to their health, property damage, or environmental damage has a high likelihood of developing to the point of posing an imminent threat to life, health, property, or the environment

In the United States, most states require that a notice be posted in each telephone book stating that if someone asks the use of a phone line (such as a party line) to report an emergency, they must renounce that usage. “…a situation in which life, health, or property is in peril, and rapid calling of relief is required,” according to state legislation.

While most emergency services agree on the importance of preserving human health, life, and property, some organizations do not consider environmental concerns to be as critical. This includes aspects like animal welfare, where some emergency groups cover this factor under the “property” concept, if a person’s animals are threatened (although this does not cover wild animals). This implies that certain authorities do not respond to occurrences that imperil wild animals or the environment as a “emergency,” while others do (such as oil spills at sea that threaten marine life). The attitude of the agencies concerned is likely to reflect the general sentiment of the local administration.

Many emergency situations put people’s lives at jeopardy right away. This can range from single-person crises, such as heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrest, and trauma, to large-scale catastrophes, such as natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, mudslides, and disease epidemics like coronavirus, cholera, Ebola, and malaria.

The majority of authorities consider these to be a top-priority emergency, following the prevailing belief that nothing is more essential than human life.

Some crises aren’t always life-threatening, but they can have major consequences for a person’s or individuals’ long-term health and well-being (though a health emergency can subsequently escalate to life-threatening).

The causes of a health emergency are often quite similar to the causes of a life-threatening emergency, which includes medical emergencies and natural disasters, however the range of incidents that can be classified here is far greater than that of life-threatening emergencies (such as broken limbs, which do not usually cause death, but immediate intervention is required if the person is to recover properly). Many life-threatening situations, such as cardiac arrest, are also health-related.

Some disasters do not directly harm life, health, or property, but they do have an impact on the natural environment and the organisms that live there. Although not all authorities consider this a true emergency, it has the potential to have far-reaching consequences for wildlife and the land’s long-term status. Forest fires and oil spills at sea are two examples.

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