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Emoticons, the tiny glyphs found in messages from the World Wide Web, are aids to understanding. Communication in the text lacks body language and facial expressions that help convey meaning. Emoticons, small glyphs that indicate the emotional overtone of a statement, help replace that lost meaning. They are not unique to computer systems. At the height of amateur radio, operators using the Morse code would end a humorous comment by sending “HI” to avoid any misunderstanding. Modern emoticons can be more elaborate, but they still serve the same purpose.

Emoticons Before Personal Computers

Emoticons existed long before computers were sitting on desks when they lived in considerable boxes in air-conditioned rooms. These computers were not owned by individuals but by schools, businesses, research institutes, and the government. Without the use of emoticons, the possibilities of misunderstanding have multiplied, in particular comments supposed to be humorous, in particular, if the humor was dry or black in nature.


Emoticons were vital even for users who had interactive access to a computer. It usually meant sitting in front of a keyboard, maybe in another room on the computer, and maybe in another state or country. Emoticons really helped add emotional meaning to their contribution.

These first emoticons do not appear on CRT monitors. They were typed on a roll of paper on an electromechanical typewriter called the teletype, which was also used for communications. Emoticons may have been launched by professional TTY operators as a series of expressive combinations of characters to convey their messages’ emotional content. These few ancient emoticons have become the incredible variety we know today.
First personal computers

Emoticons have arrived on desktop computers with personal computers. Back then, tiny combinations of characters were called smileys. These emoticons made up of like symbols and looked at us from monochrome green or yellow screens. ASCII emoticons were perfect for these monitors; they were unable to handle extended graphics, but they could easily handle 🙂 smile and 😛 funny.

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