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Escape from Tarkov is an indie, massively multiplayer online (MMO) first-person shooter (FPS) video game developed by the Russian studio Battlestate Games, which will be released for Windows. It takes place in the fictitious region of Norvinsk, in the northwest of Russia, where war takes place between two private military companies (United Security and BEAR) for a political scandal concerning the “special economic zone” of the region. The player must escape the city of Tarkov by joining one of the private military companies or by attempting to acquire precious loot in the sealed areas.

A closed alpha version of the game was first made available to selected users on August 4, 2016, followed by a beta version closed in July 2017.

The developers of Escape from Tarkov describe the video game as a realistic, hardcore first-person shooter role-playing game that borrows from massively multiplayer online games. In its current state, Escape from Tarkov integrates several game modes for players: online PMC raids, scav raids (short for “scavenger”), and a temporary offline mode. In these raids, players can choose to play solo or go in a group and spawn on one side of a variety of maps to choose from in the game. Once appeared, players receive a point extraction on the other side of the map and must fight against other players and scav non-player characters (NPC) to reach this point in order to escape. In addition to combat, players can also find loot on these maps such as firearms, equipment, armor, etc. and, once extracted, can store their loot in a hideout for use in future raids or can be sold at a flea market.

When players die in a raid, they lose everything, including the loot and equipment they brought to the raid. Players can ensure the weapons and equipment they have brought to increase the chances of keeping them if they are not already stolen by other players. As mentioned earlier, players can also play as a scav in a raid, where players receive a random load to use and lose nothing from their hideout when they die as a scav, making scav modes a source of learning in the game. If a player dies as a scav, there is a cooldown until scav mode becomes available to the player again.

Outside of a raid, players can sell their loot to traders provided by the game. These traders can provide a variety of quests that players can complete to increase their trader’s loyalty in order to gain access to more items, which can be purchased from the merchant and more quests. Players can also set up and improve a living area called “the hideout,” which is an underground bomb shelter that, when upgraded with the necessary materials, gives players in-game bonuses. These bonuses include reduced cooldown to play as a scav.

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