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Field hockey is a team sport, in which each team goal is to shoot the ball at the opponent’s goal net by hitting, pushing or flicking the ball with a field hockey stick. Field hockey is still the same as regular hockey, but plays on the field. Several ice hockey games are played on the ice or on the street.

This is a rigid sport. Therefore, you need to be physically fit to participate in the hockey team.

1. Running

Like any other sports team, running is a basic requirement for improving skills. Most of the hockey game is spent running or be in motion. Training will help you to develop your balance and speed, which is very important for field hockey. Endurance is also required when running. Running at different speeds will also help you develop your jogging skills, since field hockey, running speed varies.


2. Be Flexible and Agile

This sport requires flexibility and agility. Hockey players should be able to quickly change their direction. Therefore, it is best to perform workouts that require these two, such as ladder drills or zigzags, working on each traffic cone. In a hockey game on the spot, you should be able to quickly change directions only if you already had a ball, but then the opponent has stolen it going to their goal net.

3. Lifting Weights

Lifting weights allow you to develop the strength of your upper body. It will be necessary for you to have drive and power against your opponents. While you are fast and flexible, you can move the ball from the opponent, the strength of your upper body will help you grab and steal the ball from your opponent.

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