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Figure skating is a sport in which individuals, pairs or groups engage in figure skating on ice. It was the first winter sport to be included in the Olympics when it competed in the 1908 Olympics in London. The four Olympic disciplines are men’s singles, women’s singles, figure skating and ice dancing; Non-Olympic disciplines include synchronized skating, ice theater and four skates. From intermediate to high level competition, skaters typically perform two programs (short program and free skate), which, depending on the discipline, can include spins, jumps, field movements, lifts, throw jumps, death spirals, and more elements or movements.

The figure skating base has a groove in the lower part that forms two different edges: an inner and an outer. Judges prefer skaters to slide on one end of the blade rather than both at the same time, which is called a “flat edge”. Skates used in singles and pair skating have a set of large, serrated teeth on the front of each blade called a “toe pick”. The toe picks are mainly used to help the skater fly into the air when performing jumps. Ice dancing blades have smaller legs than knives used in other disciplines. When turning, skaters use the “sweet spot” of the blade, officially called the rocker, which is the roundest part of the blade, just behind the toes and near the middle of the blade.

Skaters compete at a variety of levels from beginner to Olympic (adult) in local, regional, group, national and international competitions. The International Skating Union (ISU) regulates international judging and figure skating competitions. These include the Winter Olympics, World Championships, World Junior Championships, European Championships, Four Continental Championships, Grand Prix Series (Seniors and Juniors) and ISU Challenger Series.

The sport are also related to show business. Major competitions usually end with a showcase gala in which the best skaters in each discipline perform out-of-competition programs. Many skaters, both during and after their racing careers, also skate on ice shows that take place during the racing season and out of season.

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