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A computer file is a computerized resource of discrete data recorded in a computer memory or a storage device. Just as words can be written on paper, so information can be stored in a computer file.

There are different types of computer files designed for different purposes. A file can be created to store an image, a written message, a video, a computer program, or a wide range of other types of data. Some types of files can store several types of information at once.

Using computer programs, you can open, read, change and close the computer file. Computer files can be reopened, modified and copied an arbitrary number of times..


Typically, the files are organized into a file system that monitors the location of the disk files and gives users access.

The file is created using a computer program. For example, to create a text file, you will use a text editor to create an image file that the image editor will use and create a document to use the word processor.

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