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Firecrackers are an integral part of celebrations. People of all ages enjoy a spectacle of firecrackers in the sky. Children take great joy in bursting firecrackers. In fact, most young people approach the task of buying firecrackers with intense reflection. Great care is taken when choosing the firecracker to use on big celebration days or festivals.

Types of Firecrackers

Traditionally, when it comes to firecrackers, the louder, the better. There are many types of firecrackers available in the markets. These included;

Sparkles: These are pretty firecrackers that give off attractive sparks when burned. They come in multicolored, plain sparks.

Snakes: These are small tables which, when burned, burn in the form of snake-like coils.

Colored matches: these are like ordinary matches but burn with colored flames.

Flower pots: these are available in different sizes and colors.

Bombs: Bombs are one of the best-selling types of firecrackers on the market. Small to large, strings with double bombs and those that emit colored sparks in the air and then burst in what seems to be a rain of lights.

Catherine Wheels: These rotate on the ground and emit colored lights.

Rockets: Another of the most popular firecrackers is a rocket. They fire into the air, make a swishing noise, and then explode.


Firecrackers have a special meaning during celebrations. They are burst as a celebration or as a sign of thanks to the gods for blessing the earth with health, wealth, wisdom, tranquility as well as opulence.

The custom of bursting firecrackers brightens the sky with glare from lights, but it is advisable to take proper precautions when using firecrackers. Keep the rocket straight and right. The bombs should be lit at a safe distance and always keep a bucket of water on hand in case of an emergency.

Firecrackers also make an ideal gift.

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