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Fireflies, as they are defined, are luminous beetles which belong to the family of “Lampyridae”. These glowing nocturnal insects are also called lighting insects or glow worms. Its name “fireflies” is derived from its unique characteristic of light emission whose main purpose is to attract partners in order to reproduce. Many people are familiar with these types of beetles but may not know how they produce their signature glow. Fireflies have a light-emitting organ in the abdomen; that is why; they are capable of producing light. In addition, these glowing beetles generally live in humid areas because they like humidity.

Exciting Facts About Flashing Beetles

Fireflies generally have a short lifespan. They spend most of their lives in larvae and survive for a short time when they become adults.

Emitting light is the means of communication of fireflies. They usually emanate from light to attract partners and warn predators away.


Fireflies have elements in their photic organs that allow them to produce light. These are luciferin, luciferase and ATP.

Adult fireflies are not the only ones able to produce light, but also their eggs.

Fireflies like to stay in hot, humid areas. They grow well in forests and fields near rivers, streams, ponds, swimming pools and lakes.

The blood of fireflies contains substances that taste bitter and can be dangerous for other animals. That is why; pet lovers should avoid feeding fireflies with reptilian creatures similar to lizards and snakes.

Fireflies are capable of emitting no heat light into their body and because of this; scientists call it “cold lights”.

Different types of fireflies have a separate communication system based on their lighting patterns.

The fireflies do not bite.

What is the most common firefly?

The “Photinus pyralis” or known by its popular name of “Big Dipper” is the most common firefly species. This type of lighting bug has a yellow flash and this is what we usually see on grasses and meadows in urban places. They are easy to catch, but when placed in a container, they tend not to cause much flashing.

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