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Trophies symbolize triumph and success. The most common achievement when people receive these symbolic gifts is after winning some sporting event. Medals, plaques, and trophies are usually given to athletes after winning the game, racing, fishing, and much more. While the most important aspect of any sporting event is exhibited experience and sportsmanship, these metal sculptures are often valuable memorabilia lining a person’s fireplace mantle or bookshelf. Here are some things to think about:

The type of metal means something: these items are often made of metal that is gold, silver, or copper. This detail relates to statues, as well as to hanging medals and awards. Gold is often reserved to reach first place; silver usually means second place, and copper is often allotted for a third or honorable mention. Some less expensive versions are made of plastic, although they can be painted in metallic colors.

Sculpture of an athlete in action: These statues often have an exact replica of the person performing the event for which the award was presented. Examples include a baseball player, runner, bowler, or fisherman. Sometimes an alternative choice for sports equipment, which will be noted in the sculpture. Examples include a bowling ball and pins or a pair of running shoes.

Engraved message: the names of the winners, the date of victory, and the name of the contest or competition are often engraved on a plaque mounted on the statue. This makes the item a family heirloom for the winner and family members.


Team trophy: if the whole team wins the competition, the team award may be kept in the display case school or public building.

Other places where you can get these awards: Statuary awards are also given to entertainment stars, such as in movies, television shows, and music genres.

Emmy, Tony Awards, and Grammys are all examples.

Ancient times: in ancient times of war, memorabilia, which were considered “prizes” or “spoils” were often hung or demonstrated to prove who won the battle. Columns from downed buildings, weapons of the losing parties, etc. were put up to be view-able.

Other names: some types of trophies are called “cups,” “jugs.” Some characters look like wreaths and ribbons.

Common sports associated with these awards: wrestling, golf, bowling, boxing, archery, hockey, soccer, sharpshooting, baseball, running, auto racing, and other showmanship.

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