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Currently, flashlights come in several different types, each of which serves its purpose. These devices have actually become an important part of everyday life, and everyone should own at least one of them. With the growth of science and technology, you can find countless flashlights on the market today. Although listing all available flashlights types is difficult, a few important types are listed below.

Tube Flashlight

These flashlights were the first to be introduced. They are cylindrical in shape and traditional incandescent bulbs are used to produce light. Currently, there are many flashlights that use LEDs as a light source. These flashlights are battery powered and can vary in size, weight, length and power.

Pocket Flashlight

They are smaller and can be easily carried in your pocket or attached to key chains. They can be of different shapes, and the small size makes them convenient and portable. They are quite inexpensive too. One of the main disadvantages of flashlights is their lower power. Therefore, although they are suitable for use in everyday life, they do not do very well with difficult tasks.

Diving Flashlight

As the name implies, these are underwater flashlights designed for divers. Underwater lights help you see better underwater and, therefore, are an important tool for scuba divers, lifeguards or deep sea divers. These lights are usually made of metal or hard plastic and are waterproof.


Tactical Flashlight

These are powerful flashlights that are most commonly used by the military, police and emergency services. They are also very useful for self defense. The light emitted by these flashlights is so strong that it can temporarily blind a person even in the daytime. Tactical flashlights are durable and, although not too small, they are compact enough to be held in one hand.

Shake Flashlight

This is a new version of flashlights, which is gaining great popularity among consumers. The interesting thing about shaking flashlights is that they do not need bulbs or batteries. The light source is a light emitting diode (LED), and the device is charged by shaking it for about 30 seconds. This charge will ensure the operation of the flashlight for several minutes. Each time the light dims, the device just needs to be shaken to recharge. The disadvantage of this flashlights is that they are quite expensive.

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