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The fleas found on our pets are commonly called “Ctenocephalides felis”. These parasites eat, sucking blood from the host. Fleas are parasites that are species-specific, which means that they can only live on a couple of species. The host, who most often suffers from fleas, is dogs and cats. Fleas cannot live in humans, but they will still bite and can spread diseases. They use our pets as hosts for food, but spend most of their time outside the home.

On average, only 5% of the flea population is actually per pet. This corresponds to 95% of the flea population found in the environment, which includes beds, carpet, clothes and in the yard. This means that for every 1 flea seen on your pet, there will be at least 9 fleas in the house or in the backyard.

Since fleas feed only on the host, they must jump to lay eggs in the environment. One flea can lay about 1,500 eggs during its life up to 52 days. Fleas like to lay their eggs in dark, damp places where there is little sunlight. The eggs are actually very resistant to chemical cleaners, making them difficult to get rid off. This is a very original adaptation, allowing them to dominate until the owner passes by them. This ensures that there is a host that must be fed before hatching, as fleas must be fed within 6 hours of hatching. Eggs are activated by temperature changes, vibrations, and carbon dioxide emissions by the host. There they can lay eggs for up to several months if there is no activity. For example: if your family goes on vacation, adult fleas in the house will starve to death, but the eggs will be inactive until a movement occurs that forces them to activate. This is why your pet may suddenly get fleas when you move to a new home and people may notice flea bites.


When trying to get rid of fleas, it is important to relate to the whole picture. The first step should be to use an instant flea killer, such as Capstar, to immediately kill every flea on your pet. In addition, treatment should be carried out for all animals in the same house and any other animals with which they are in contact. Since we now know that 95% of fleas are in the house, removing fleas from the environment is just as important as keeping our fleas.

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