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Flight attendants or air-hostess have a long and changing history. When thinking of flight attendants, the term “stewardess” often comes to mind with the name offering to women. However, the history begins with those commonly referred to as the cabin boys or stewards. These stewards are derived from maritime travel and made up the crew cabins, which are responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers.

The list of responsibilities that most flight attendants or hostesses today includes general safety, quality of customer service and comfort, food service and luggage assistance. Most flight attendants today are women, but males are also performing these functions as well.

The training and qualifications of flight attendants vary depending on the country or region but cover many of the same features throughout the world. Training duration ranges from a few weeks to several months and is usually performed near major airports for obvious reasons. Security is a priority topic in the learning process and can consist of a variety of extensive courses.


Airline emergency evacuation procedures, fire fighting, survival in different environments, first aid and CPR training are just some of the many elements for which they are trained. Various academies for training or prospective employees can be trained directly in the airline. The certificate of completion is given to new attendants who have been trained. Knowing more than one language is a positive attribute for a flight attendant, especially for international airlines.

The uniform has changed for the cabin crew throughout history. Since 1930, the uniform of flight attendants has undergone several transformations. First, the emphasis was on nurse uniform to promote the image of flight attendants as health and safety specialists. Then particularly strict military lines contribute to conservative values and the military heritage of stewards. Later it was replaced by softer, more feminine lines, emphasizing the charm, glamour, and excitement of flying.

The changes were made to uniforms, gender, restrictions and other aspects of the flight attending is present throughout history, but one thing remains unchanged: safety which is a key factor.

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