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Floodlighting involves the use of light bulbs to light up a large outdoor area. This type of lighting is placed permanently and requires a lot of electric currents. Floodlighting can be divided into three parts: façade, total area, and signage. Each type includes its unique subject and challenges that need to be addressed. Some examples would be supply, installation, and maintenance.

Floodlighting is commonly used to emphasize the architectural texture of an impressive or historically significant building. By using floodlighting, you can increase the detailed structure of the building. Installation of this type of lighting makes it extremely important to think about its location, power, and maintenance.

The size of any building determines the size of the lighting unit be installed. If you want to light up a very high-rise building, you must make sure that the lighting element is large enough to shed light with the required intensity. In general, you should position the device at least 75% of the height of the building, from the base.


This type of lighting needs a dedicated energy source. You should consult with an electrical engineer to design the most functional circuitry that provides sufficient power. Remember that outdoor lighting requires the connection of an emergency generator. Consider your wiring options and decide whether floodlights should be an integral part of emergency lighting or not.

Any flood lighting needs repair and maintenance. Steps must be taken to ensure that the plan and design you choose allows us to provide regular service and to ensure its sufficient safety. These two aspects require prior planning to employ a realistic answer.

One piece of floodlighting is usually not enough to sign light, and additional units are required. These units should be installed at the same distance from each other and should be focused towards the sign.

Sporting events and security require general area lighting. Typically, such lights are mounted on high poles to lighting the large areas. The pole’s height is determined by the area that needs illumination. The basic rule is to keep the height equal to half the width of the area.

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