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Decorating photo frames with buttons is a good way to achieve an attractive and unique look that will accentuate the photo or print that you place in the frame. There are many different techniques that you can use to achieve a casual and fun look, or even an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

Ribbons and Buttons

The ribbons and buttons look great together and can be used very advantageously when decorating photo frames. Try covering the front surface of the frame with one or more assorted ribbon colors, varying the thickness and materials of the ribbon to add additional interest. Then, using craft glue, attach buttons that match or coordinate with the colors of the ribbon. You can use only a few buttons as an accent for the corners of the frame or cover the entire surface of the frame with buttons.

Flower Bud Patterns

The overall round shape of most buttons gives them floral patterns. Using small round buttons, glue one to the frame as the center of the flower, then use a small, coordinated round button to add the petals around the center button. Repeat around the frame as desired, varying the color and size of the button flowers if desired. This look can be effective when only one or two button flowers are added to a frame or add a bunch for a more overall look.


Choose The Buttons That Accentuate The Photo

You can use the details of the photo itself when decorating a frame with buttons. For example, for wedding photos, or perhaps formal prom photos, use pearl or rhinestone buttons to match the jewelry the subject is wearing. This can create a very elegant and eye-catching look that will display the photo to its best advantage.

Using The Alphabetical Buttons

Special alphabet-shaped buttons can be used to decorate the frames, using them to spell the person’s name on the photo or to add general words such as “vacation” or “family“. The alphabet buttons are available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes, so you should be able to find some to match your frame and photos.

Decorating Baby Photo Frames

If you have baby pictures to display, you can use special baby buttons in shapes such as diaper pins, storks and other cute shapes to add personality. Select pink buttons for girls, or blue buttons for boys for a cute touch, or spell the baby‘s name with alphabet buttons.

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