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Eugene Fitzherbert (born Horace, later renamed Eugene, and then known by the pseudonym Flynn Rider) is a fictional character who appears in the 50th animated feature film Walt Disney Animation StudioTangled,” its short film “Tangled Ever After” and in 2017 television series Tangled: The Series. The character is voiced by American actor Zachary Levi, who decided to audition for the role, learning that he would also provide the character’s singing voice. Levi’s duet with singer and co-star Mandy Moore “I See the Light” would go on to become the actor’s first professionally recorded song and musical debut.

  • Inspired by: The Prince from the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale
  • Title: Prince of the Dark Kingdom; Prince of Corona
  • Notable alias: Eugene Fitzherbert
  • Pet(s): Pascal and Maximus
  • Movies and TV shows: Tangled, Tangled: The Series, Tangled Ever After, Tangled: Before Ever After

Loosely based on a prince in the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “Rapunzel“, Flynn is a wanted thief who seeks refuge in the Rapunzel’s tower after stealing a crown. Rapunzel blackmailed her into taking her to see the kingdom’s floating lights by the time of her eighteenth birthday, Flynn undergoes a change of mind when he gradually begins to fall in love with Rapunzel. Flynn was created by directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard because they felt that the incarcerated Rapunzel needed someone to get her out of the tower. He was conceived as a thief in contrast to the traditional prince in favor of making him a funnier and edgier character. Originally written as a British farmer, Flynn was eventually turned into a swashbuckling thief, inspired by fictional characters Han Solo and Indiana Jones, as well as actors Gene Kelly and Errol Flynn; Flynn Rider was named after the latter.

Flynn divided the film critics. While some reviewers enjoyed the character’s refreshing humor, rebellion, and sarcasm compared to the traditional Disney princes, others found his personality annoying and unpleasant, while panning his narrative. In addition, Flynn was also severely accused of being a Disney marketing tool to attract Tangled’s largely male audience. However, the romantic comedic relationship with Rapunzel and Levi’s vocal performance was widely recognized. Flynn is also considered one of the most attractive Disney characters from Vanity Fair, E! and cosmopolitan.


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