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The foam roller or a physio roller is an tool made of a synthetic foam rubber used for self-myofascial release. Foam rollers offer the same services as massage only that it is free.

They stretch the muscles and tendons, while breaking down the adhesion of soft tissue adhesion. Other advantages of using a foam roller to breaking up trigger points include, soothing tight fascia and increases blood flow and circulation in the tissues.

This reduces the severity of the injury or the likelihood that, when you use it to warm up. This is because it activates the muscle and allows the blood to start pumping and minimizes the injury chances and the severity as well.


Foam roller relieves back pain, pain in the calves, knees and other types of pain. This is due to focus on the pressure points all over the body needs for pain relief. You can use the foam roller for all kinds of pain and still enjoy quick relief.

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