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An icon is a pictogram or ideogram that is shown on a computer screen to assist a user in navigating a computer system. The icon is more like a traffic sign than a comprehensive picture of the real object it represents.

It is an instantly intelligible symbol of a software toolfunction, or data file that is available on the system. It can be used to access the application or data as an electronic hyperlink or file shortcut. A mouse, pointer, finger, or, more recently, voice instructions can be used to activate an icon.


Their positioning on the screen, as well as their relationship to other symbols, may provide the user with additional information regarding their use. When a user activates an icon, it can go immediately into and out of the designated function without knowing anything about the file’s or code’s location or needs.

Icons, as part of a computer system’s graphical user interface, together with windows, menus, and a pointing device (mouse), are part of a wider discussion about the history of the graphical user interface, which has largely replaced the text-based interface for casual use.

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