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The first thing you need to do when purchasing a fridge is to measure the space in which you want the fridge to fit. It’s simple, there’s no point in looking for a fridge if you’re not sure how much space it needs to provide. If you’re moving to a new place, you should ask for measurements or access to take measurements before you start searching.

Determine what budget you need to spend on your fridge, and then try your best to stick to it.

There are many different styles of fridge, so you should check out all the styles and decide which one is right for you. Different styles of fridge meet different needs;

Top Mount Fridge

This is the most common fridge that you will see, the freezer at the top, and the fridge below. A top-mount fridge’s available in a wide range of sizes from 180 liters – (height 1400 mm, width 500 mm, depth 580 mm) up to 580 liters height 1800 mm, width 850 mm, depth 700 mm) approx. These fridge are generally suitable for 1 to 4 people.

Bottom Mount Fridge

Bottom mount fridge are a style that have come about in the past five years and is becoming more and more popular. Bottom-mount fridge are basically the same as an upside-down fridge. You will generally find that the ratio of the fridge to the freezer is lower in a lower assembly than a top mount i.e, more freezer less fridge. Bottom-mount fridge are available in a range of sizes from 370 liters – (height 1600 mm, width 630 mm, depth 600 mm) up to 580 liters height 1800 mm, width 850 mm, depth 700 mm) approx. These fridges are generally suitable for 1 to 4 people.

Side By Side Fridge

Side-by-side fridges are generally found more in family households as they generally have a larger internal size, which helps cater for families. Side-by-side fridge come with a few different options depending on the model, such as the ice and water dispenser, the home bar (access to drinks from the front of the fridge door), and even the TVs. A disadvantage of a side-by-side fridge is that the space of the fridge and freezer is not so wide so this makes them not so good for large platters etc.

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