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Friendship bracelets have long been a symbol of important relationships. The history of sharing friendship bracelets dates back thousands of years. Handing a bracelet of Native American culture proves that friendship is tightly bound and cannot be easily broken.

With “work” such an important part of the culture, creating a wrist or ankle band realized how important friendship was. An important friend will never take off the bracelet. They wore it until the thread was bare and fell. This allows a friend to “work” and represents a true bond.

In the 70’s, making friendship bands shifted to Western culture. For the past 40 years, friendship bracelets have been created at school, in camps for craft, and just for fun. Young girl guides can create them as part of a jewelry badge and pass them on to friends. There are many books and websites that show how Western society accepts humble knots. The range of styles and patterns that can be created seems to be endless.


These bands also have very real value for people in the developing community. Heading to Manila, Philippines, more than 5,000 miles from the origin of the friendship bracelet, there is a group of women who happily knotting colourful thread into unique handmade pieces. Why are they happy? They are happy because making these bands has given them their own business. They can put food on the table and kids can go to school. Also, they set their time and work from home. In a poor community, these benefits are significant and far superior to the neighbors’ experience.

Without extra money, starting a business is usually impossible. However, through local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), women can get business loans. This money will help you buy threads and other materials for startups. NGOs have also helped them formulate budgets and repayment plans, ensure that loans are repaid in a very short time and that women have independent businesses. This process has created a corporate network that creates string bracelets, all of which are unique.

To promote their products, women have formed their own co-operatives. The co-op has two goals. First, find a long-term sustainable market for products.

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