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First produced in 1948 as the Flyin ‘Saucer, the Frisbee has been loved by people of all ages for decades. It has been a toy for children, a toy for young adults at the beach and a tool for competitive athletes, and more than 200 million have been sold. This unpretentious plastic flying disk was invented by Walter Fredrick Morrison and Warren Franscioni with the aim of providing an alternative to the metallic pie pans that children have been tossing at each other for decades. These boxes had the disadvantage of hurting hands and developing cracks and breaks that cut off players’ fingers, and Morrison and Franscioni thought that plastic would be a much better choice of material.

Sales of the new record were slow at first, but as soon as the inventors decided to demonstrate it at county fairs, things started to change. People were fascinated by the toy, which flew so far that many spectators assumed that it was connected to an invisible wire. In 1957, after several improvements, the dissolution of the Morrison and Franscioni partnership and a purchase by the toy company Wham-O, the name of the disk was changed to Pluto Platter then to Frisbee. The name Frisbee comes from Frisbie pies, whose boxes were engraved with the name and used by yelled students to play catch. These students often shouted “Frisbie!” as a warning when throwing a tin. After meeting the tradition on a promotional trip to the college, the owner of Wham-O changed the spelling of the name and used it for his plastic flying disk. Sales skyrocketed and the Frisbee has not looked back since.

Type of Frisbees

Since these beginnings, the Frisbee has evolved enormously. There are now many different types of fliers, and each is useful for different applications. The most common types of Frisbees include:

Traditional Frisbees

With their rounded edges and saucer shape, traditional Frisbees are still as popular as they were half a century ago. They soar farther than a ball and are easier to catch, yet they can also land gently on the ground as their curved lip captures air and provides resistance to gravity. These disk are perfect for everything from the beach to a serious Frisbee competition.

Frisbee Rings

Flying rings, also known as aerobics, have been used since 1984. At only 1/8 of an inch thick, they are much thinner and lighter than regular frisbees.

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