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Furuya Satoru is one of the main protagonist of the series Diamond no Ace. Furuya Satoru comes from Tomakomai, Hokkaido and is a second year student from Seidou High School. He was previously the ace of the Seidou baseball club from the fall tournament in his first year to the spring tournament in his second year. Currently, he wears No. 11 starting the regional summer tournament. He is the rival and classmate of Sawamura Eijun; and roommates with Ono Hiroshi and Yui Kaoru, replacing the graduate Saitou.


Furuya is a thin and tall teenager. He has medium length black hair and brown eyes (gray in the anime). Furuya is almost always seen with a sleepy look on his face.


Furuya has a stoic and introverted personality and is weak in communication. He has an expressionless face which makes it difficult for his teammates to understand his feelings. However, when provoked, he often gives off a fiery “aura” as a visual representation of his passion. He was isolated by his friends and teammates in middle school because of his overly powerful grounds, so much so that they did not want to have fun with him. Furuya hates to hold back either in pitch or in training and is very competitive. As he tries to put the greatest effort into his pitching, he expects the catcher to do the same and not disappoint him. He shows respect for those who can catch his pitches like Miyuki but on the other hand, will refuse to work with those who have trouble catching him like Yui.


During the series, Furuya comes to love the Seidou team because it is the first time that he has been accepted by his teammates. As the series progresses, his respect for the team grows and he is grateful for the opportunities and advice he has received from his peers as well as being recognized by them. However, he is easily bored, disliking him when he cannot play in a match, and often falls asleep when he is not playing or when he wants to ignore someone. Furuya likes to pitch and always tries to play for more innings. He sometimes showed irritation when he was ordered to switch out or when his peers told him that he had no stamina. The character of Furuya changes throughout the course of the story.

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