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A residential garage is a walled, roofed structure for keeping a car or vehicles. It can be part of or adjacent to a house (“attached garage”), or it can be a separate outbuilding or shed (“detached garage”). Residential garages usually hold one or two automobiles, while three-car garages are sometimes common. When a garage is adjacent to a house, the garage often includes an entry door into the house, known as the person door or man door, as opposed to the broader and taller garage door, which may be opened to allow vehicle entry and leave and then closed to protect the car. A garage shelters a car from the elements and, if fitted with a locking garage door, it also secures it from theft and vandalism. Most garages may also be used as workshops for a range of operations such as painting, woodworking, and assembling. Garages may be utilized for a variety of reasons, including storage and recreation.

Some garages include an electrical system that opens or closes the garage door automatically when the homeowner hits a button on a tiny remote control, as well as a detector that stops the garage door from closing if something is blocking it. Even with vehicles inside, some garages have enough room for bicycles or a lawnmower to be stored; in other circumstances, there may even be enough space for a workshop or a man cave. Attached garages can be constructed using the same exterior materials and roofing as the home. Garages that are not attached to the house may be built in a different style than the house. Garages that are not linked to the house and are composed of a wood frame with sheet metal covers are sometimes referred to as “pole barns” in the South and rural areas of the United States, but they normally serve the same role as a garage elsewhere. In certain regions, the phrase “carport” is used interchangeably, however that term usually refers to a building that is roofed but not totally enclosed. A carport shelters the vehicle from adverse weather to some extent, but it does not protect it from theft or vandalism.

The word garage comes from the French word garer, which means shelter, and was first used in English in 1902. “For the home of the vehicle, we very substantially employ the French phrase ‘garage,’ alternately with what I consider the more acceptable English counterpart of’motor house,” wrote architect Charles Harrison Townsend in The Builder magazine in 1908. Today, the word is polysemic since it may apply to both a group of automobiles and the structure that houses them.

During the winter, temperatures inside an uninsulated connected residential garage can drop below below freezing in northern climes. In temperate areas, temperatures inside an uninsulated connected garage can reach unbearable levels during the summer months. Due to heat transmission between the garage and surrounding living rooms, extreme temperatures can be a source of energy waste and discomfort in those areas. This “interface” problem is common in homes with an attached garage. Insulating the outside of the structure against the elements without also insulating the garage-to-house wall, as well as the other garage walls and roof, can be an expensive mistake.

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