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A gate, also known as a gateway, is a point of entry into or out of a place surrounded by walls. The word comes from the old Norse word “gat,” which means “way” or “route.” Other words include yett and port. Originally, the notion referred to a gap or hole in a wall or fence, rather than a barrier that filled it.

Individuals may be prevented or controlled from entering or exiting by gates, or they may just be ornamental. Because they are fixed on one side and open and close like a door, the moveable element or sections of a gateway might be regarded “doors.”


A latch on a gate may be lifted and lowered to open or close it and prevent it from swinging. To strengthen security, locks are often used on gates.

Larger gates can protect an entire structure, such as a castle or walled town. When used to impede entry, such as in a gatehouse, actual doors can also be termed gates. Many gate doors nowadays are operated by an automated gate operator.

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