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There is no need to be familiar with the world of gems as it has become a family name in the recent past. Today, there is no jeweler or gem merchant in the world who does not boast of the mystical powers of gems and its multiple uses.

The Oxford dictionary defines “Gem” as “a precious stone of great beauty or excellence”. It is therefore necessarily a stone, something natural, organic and derived from mother earth. Although many pieces of crystal and artificial glass are also called gems, they are not actually gems in the sense above and are not a topic of discussion here.

The discovery of gems dates back to prehistoric times and there are references in Indian Puranas and mythology about various precious gems those were being amassed and were part of the emperor’s treasure. The prize for any exemplary achievement in the field of war or the fine arts was rewarded with donations of precious stones. It is a well known fact that the most famous KOHINOOR diamond went from India to the British Empire at the time.


Gems have become affordable and become the property of the common man later, and studded Gem jewelry is now part of any modern woman’s wardrobe.

From time immemorial, in addition to the use of gems for ornamental purposes, its hidden qualities to replace the vital elements of the human body were known. Although considered to be the magical properties of these stones, they were used for various purposes, from reaping riches to remedying the maladies.

Perhaps the first standard Vedic standard astrological text about gems is HORA SARA from the great Indian astronomer cum astrologer VARAHAMIHIRA. Subsequent work inside and outside the country has more or less copied the author on the subject. However, it was not until the development of modern science and chemistry that the chemical properties of these natural stones were brought to the attention of society and that scientific testing of the stones began. In addition, it also appeared that gems are an abundant store of energy. Color and energy The vibrations of different frequencies contained in these stones act as substitutes for elements of the human body whose imbalance causes both physiological and psychological illnesses.

Although the identification and classification of gems was once by the crudest and most conventional means of examination and observation by human eyes where the subject element was pronounced and the chances of cheating were not not uncommon, today there are scientific gemstone testing labs around the world where the grade and authenticity of gems are scientifically tested.

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