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Giraffe is one of the most nature’s gentle giants animal. Giraffes are the tallest mammals on Earth. Their legs alone are taller than many humans—about 6 feet. A male can weigh up to 4250 pounds; and a female giraffe is slightly smaller than a male and can weigh up to 2,600 pounds. The male can be up to 11 feet in height, and the female is 2 feet shorter on the shoulders. It has a long tapered head and a prehensile tongue.

There are eight subspecies of giraffe, which can be found throughout Africa to the south of the Sahara desert, where trees grow. The reticulated giraffe, located at the north of Kenya, has the most characteristic grid of fine lines separating dark spots, and is the most typical model of each animal. It is excluded from most of West Africa and the southern region of Kalahari, but is still common in East Africa, even outside the game preserves.

This animal is intended to use a 6-foot strip of green beyond any other terrestrial browser, except for the elephant. It has an 18-inch convincing language and a modified connection on the satin at the neck, which allows its head to perceive an almost vertical position, which further increases its height advantage.


Giraffes can graze the crown of small trees. A large giraffe can graze up to 19 feet. They eat mostly deciduous trees during the rainy season; But in the dry season they eat mostly evergreen trees. They have a menu that includes more than a hundred species, but they basically eat acacias and most often eat combretum trees.

Possessing a narrow muzzle and very flexible lips, as well as an 18-inch tongue, giraffes allow them to satisfy the most nutritious leaves in an amount of up to 75 pounds. This amount of food is necessary to maintain its weight. Giraffe should drink only every two to three days, when water is available or it emits water from food that it will eat. He spends a dry season near evergreen vegetation, usually along water streams, and disperses more during the rainy season.

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