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1. Bottle Recycling

The oldest glass beads dating from Egyptian, since 12,000 BC.

2. Sail the Sea!


Recycled glass can be exported for use in glass production abroad. CO2 savings of 290 kg CO2/tonne.

3. Bottles Galore

On average, every household in the UK uses around 330 glass bottles and jars every year.

4. The differences in methods

Because of the different methods of production, the industry is divided into five main sections under the headings: container glass; flat glass; scientific/technical glass; domestic glass; and fiberglass.

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  1. Faylinn says:

    Does the finding of Egyptian glass beads from 12,000 BC mean that it was around then that glass was invented? I feel like the creation of glass was one of the most important things to happen in human history. I mean, we use it for windows, cups and many other things that are quite useful to us still today.

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