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A glider is an aircraft heavier-than-air, which is supported in flight by the dynamic reaction of air on its lifting surface and the free flight of which does not depend on the engine. Most gliders do not have an engine, although power gliders have small engines that allow you to increase flight if necessary, maintaining altitude (as a rule, the sailplane is on a continuously descending slope), some of which are powerful enough to take off self-launch.

There is a wide variety of types that differ in wing design, aerodynamic efficiency, pilot position, control and intended purpose. Most use exploit meteorological phenomena to maintain or gain height. Gliders are mainly used for air sports of gliding: hang gliding and paragliding. However, some spacecraft were designed to descend as gliders, and in the past, military gliders were used in military operations. Some simple and familiar types of gliders are toys, such as a paper airplane and a balsa wood glider.

Military Glider

Military gliders were used mainly during the Second World War for carrying troops and heavy equipment in a combat zone. These aircraft were towed into the air, and most of the way to their destination was military transport aircraft, C-47 Dakota, or by bombers that were assigned to secondary activities, such as the Short Stirling.


After being released from the tow near the target, they landed as close as possible to the target. The advantages for the paratroopers were that heavy equipment could be landed and that the troops quickly assembled, rather than dispersed over a drop zone.

Model Gliders

Model glider aircraft are flying or non-flying models of existing or imaginary gliders, often scalable versions of full-size planes that use lightweight materials such as polystyrene, balsa wood, foam, and fiberglass. Designs range from simple glider aircraft to precise scale models, some of which can be very large.

Larger outdoor models are usually radio-controlled gliders that are remotely controlled from the ground by a transmitter. They can remain airborne for a long period of time, using a lift made of slopes and thermal springs. They can be pulled from the wind by a line attached to a hook under the fuselage with a ring, so that the line falls when the design is overhead.

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