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Gloves existed as a piece of clothing over the centuries, as the shoes are designed to provide foot protection. In addition many practical purposes and other causes that are intended for use in human habit is use of gloves.

Regular Gloves

Gloves can be of several types such as regular type which are the ones that allow the freedom of each individual finger and mittens, which separate the thumb the other digits. This is often the difference in the clothes of these social classes where poor people are usually only able to afford to wear mittens or crudely made gloves as protection against the cold.

Metallic Gloves

Metallic gloves are included in the traditional mail in ancient amour used during the war. Leather gloves are part of the regular riders clothing of soldiers. Among the specific orders of knights of the kingdom, some customs prevailed for gloves and their design and symbolism. This prompted the phrase “throwing down the gauntlet”.

Sports Gloves


Selection of gloves largely depends on the selection of sports of its user. For example, if the user practice Muay Thai, he needs a glove that will allow him to pick up and use his hands to deliver the knee strikes. This means that the glove should be flexible enough to allow the free opening of the arms. On the other hand, cardio kickboxing will need a glove that is thicker and has more padding for hitting heavy bags and focus mitts means a serious impact. This means that you need a glove that can offer the same protection as possible for hands kickboxer.

Professional boxer will need a lighter glove, which allows for easy movement of the hand which is an important factor in making a fist. While some of the rules of competition generally regulate the gloves that are used usually a boxing glove, which making it easy to deliver heavy impact on punches – and that means a lighter glove. In addition, it would be easy for a boxer to keep his hands up to defend himself with a lighter glove.

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