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The design or use of signs and symbols to transmit a message is known as signage. Signage may also refer to a collection of signs or a set of signs. The term “signage” is said to have gained popularity between 1975 and 1980.

Any visual graphics developed to present information to a specific audience is referred to as a sign. This is often reflected in the form of navigational information on the interior and exterior of buildings, as well as on roadways. Signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on their purpose and location, ranging from large banners, billboards, and murals to smaller street signs, street name signs, sandwich boards, and lawn signs. Digital or electronic displays may be used on newer signage.


The primary function of signs is to communicate, to transmit information that will aid the recipient in making decisions based on the information presented. Alternatively, promotional signage can be used to persuade recipients of a product’s or service’s merits. Labeling conveys information about a specific product or service, whereas signage does not.

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