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The best glues for handmade cards are the types of glue that work to adhere to the materials you choose to use with your handmade cards. Some glues are made for specific materials, such as paper, and do not work well with other materials, such as fabric. The best glues to make handmade cards are those that will stick indefinitely and will not disrupt the final design of the card with unsightly pieces of excess dried glue.

When making handmade cards, you may also discover that there are other ways to adhere to materials that do not involve glue. For example, many seasoned handmade card artisans sew items and embellishments onto their cards rather than using glue. Others find that the double-sided tape or spray on the adhesives works best with the types of handmade cards they create.

Here is a breakdown of the common types of materials used when making handmade cards and the best glues or adhesives for these types of materials:


Adhering Paper to Paper

Gluing paper to paper is the most common combination used to make cards by hand. The best types of glue used for handmade cards when working with paper are the types of glues and adhesives that do not create lumps. Double-sided, the permanent tape is an excellent adhesive to use when attaching paper to other pieces of paper. The double-sided adhesive tape allows the artisan to better control where the adhesive is placed, and it is a very flat type of adhesive that will not cause lumps on the cards. Many scrapbookers choose double-sided tape as their primary adhesive when working with adhering photos and other paper mementos in a scrapbook.

Adhering Embellishments to Paper

Embellishments, such as buttons, silk flowers, and other small items, are often used when making homemade cards. There are a few types of glue that will work when using these types of embellishments. For a stronger adhesive, you can use a hot glue gun with transparent drying glue sticks. When using transparent drying glues or hot glue sticks, be sure to allow the glue to dry completely before handling the card again.

Adhering Fabric to Paper

Different types of fabrics are a great way to add dimension and texture to a homemade card. If you are using light fabrics, such as lace or cotton, you may want to consider using a spray on the adhesive. The spray adhesives give the back of the fabric a nice light sticky layer.

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