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Godzilla a Jurassic dinosaur survivor living in the depths of the ocean, and it was survived and mutated by atomic bomb tests in dragonlike monster, capable of devastating Tokyo. Godzilla (Gojira originally called) appeared in 1955, the first of a series of Japanese films.

However, the first film of Godzilla is clearly a horror movie, Godzilla was a clear survivors for the atomic bomb.

Godzilla attack on a fishing boat at the beginning of the original 1954 film was inspired by real life events. Less than eight months before the movie, and the tuna boat drifted in the fallout from US nuclear test of a hydrogen bomb, subjecting the crew to severe radiation poisoning.


The first Godzilla suit weighed 220 kilograms and in fact, impossible to move forcing the studio to develop new, more mobile one.

Even with the new suit it was hot, hard work, and the team will often drain a glass pot of suitmation actor Haruo Nakajima sweat out in the costume after a take.

There have been 30 Godzilla films – 28 of Japanese and two of American productions.

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