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Gold has always had a unique fascination for people. Even if you are not a collector of gold-related coins, you still bought them at some point in your life. Whether you’ve bought gold jewelry, gold coins or even a small gold bar, there is usually a good side.

Gold seems to be rising right now. Prices per ounce are at an all time high and are only projected to increase. A great way to invest in gold is to get yourself invested and buy gold coins.

When trying to determine which coins you should really be looking for, this can be difficult. There are hundreds of different gold coins around the world and most of them are highly sought after. That being said, made a list of 10 of the most prized and sought after gold coins. This list may differ from other lists and the list is not in any order. The following coins are proven collectibles and their value is unmatched by other coins.

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

This gold coin known as the “Saint” has taken over the years a very important place in the hearts of collectors around the world. Most collectors and issuers consider this coin to be the largest gold coin ever issued. The coin is named after its designer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who was a major player in the United States sculpture. Also known as the $20 gold coin, it is a reflection of ancient Greek art. Although it is not as expensive as some of the other coin, it is distinguished from other coin by its magnificent and sought after presentation and design. Expect to pay between $750 and $1,100 for this classic coin.

Indian Head Eagle

This coin was originally released in 1907. The Indian Head Eagle, or $10 gold piece, is a magnificent work and has earned the right to be on every list of collectors. In high mint grades, this coin would cost around $ 600, but in lower mint grades from 1908 to 1933, you can buy one without any major flaws for around $ 400.

Turban Head Eagle

The Turban Head eagle series lasted only a decade, but it remains one of the most populous discoveries among collectors. The entire set of the series is said to have been only around 65,000. The Capped Bust series has a very attractive design with the bust of Liberty facing right on the front and a small eagle or heraldic eagle on the back. ‘back. A collector can expect to pay between $2,900 and $11,200 on this coin, depending on the grade.

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