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GPS tracking unit, often known as a geotracking unit or just a tracker, is a navigation device that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to monitor a vehicle, asset, person, or animal’s movement and calculate its WGS84 UTM geographic position (geotracking).

Locations are recorded in the tracking unit or sent to an Internet-connected device through the cellular network (GSM/GPRS/CDMA/LTE or SMS), radio, or satellite modem integrated in the unit, or WiFi.

Various firms purchase position data and track it for marketing purposes. Also used by the military and criminals to shut down and pick up repossessions and thefts, as well as locate truckloads. With GPS tracking software, tracks may be shown on a map in real time. cellphones with built-in GPS

The size of the GPS antenna restricts tracker size, which is frequently less than a half-dollar. Tracking is expected to be a $2 billion market by 2020, with military use accounting for 10% or more of targets in the Gulf War. Almost every smartphone records its travels and, according to most cell user agreements, uploads the track data, resulting in billions of sellable locations and tracks, with prices ranging from fractions of a million dollars to millions of dollars per point and user association.

The most popular form of GPS tracking unit is a data pusher, which is used for asset tracking, personal tracking, and vehicle tracking systems. Almost every mobile phone, even if turned off or deactivated, is in this mode, saving data for future transmission, as per the user agreement.

This type of gadget, often known as a “GPS beacon,” pushes (i.e. “sends”) the device’s position as well as other data such as speed or altitude to a predetermined server, which may store and analyze the data instantaneously.

In the same box, a GPS navigation gadget and a cellphone coexist, both powered by the same battery. The phone delivers a text message with the data from the GPS receiver at regular intervals through SMS or GPRS. Newer GPS-enabled cellphones that run GPS tracking software can be used as a data pusher (or logger) device. For typical Java ME capable phones, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian, both open source and proprietary applications are available as of 2009.

The majority of 21st-century GPS trackers have data “push” technology, allowing for advanced GPS tracking in corporate settings, particularly in businesses with a mobile workforce, such as a commercial fleetLocation hardware (or tracking device) and tracking software are the two main components of most GPS tracking systems used in commercial fleet management. An Automatic Vehicle Location system is the name given to this combination. Typically, the tracking device is hardwired into the car and attached to the CAN-bus, ignition system switch, and battery. It enables for the gathering of additional data, which is then sent to the GPS tracking server. It may be watched there, in most cases via an Internet-based website, where fleet activities can be monitored in real time or in the past using digital maps and data.

In commercial fleets, GPS tracking systems are frequently configured to broadcast position and telemetry input data at a predetermined update rate or when a trigger event (door open/close, auxiliary equipment on/off, geofence boundary cross) occurs. In commercial fleets, live GPS tracking refers to systems that update at one-minute, two-minute, or five-minute intervals while the ignition is turned on. Some tracking systems combine timed updates with updates triggered by heading changes.

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