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Everyone knows that the grass is green, but did you know that the grass may slightly change the color throughout the year? The color of grass is dependent on environmental conditions. Below are some of the colors your lawn can go and what they attuaclly mean:

Dark Green Grass

Dark green grass is a sign of what it produces a lot of chlorophyll – a sign of a healthy plant. It has enough food to produce chlorophyll. Your grass may be dark green, in spring and summer, when there is a lot of sun, especially if you are fertilized in spring. Make sure your lawn has enough water, and you must have a lush green garden in summer.

Yellowish Grass

Yellowish grass does not produce a lot of chlorophyll, because it is not getting enough proper nutrients from the soil. You may need to use fertilizer to get the green back. The best time to fertilize is spring and autumn, as it gives the grass to absorb nutrients.

Red Grass


Red tint on your grass can mean several things. Sometimes it’s just a sign that the grass does not produce a lot of chlorophyll. If your grass is red in autumn and winter, wait for the warm weather to come round again, because it can cure the problem. Some herbs, such as ryegrass, have a natural reddish hue, so check out what type your plant it is. Red can also be a sign that the plant is in a state of stress. – This could be due to environmental conditions, or it may be due to the disease.

Orange Grass

Orange is usually produced by fungi that live on grass plant. Rust disease leaves in the form of orange spores that come if you rub the grass between your toes. They are harmful and can kill the grass, but they usually do not kill it all away.

Tan Color Grass

By the time your grass color is tan which is likely dead. Tan grass was scorched and dried in the sun shriveled due to lack of water, or cut too sharply and succumbed to the damage. If you looked in the grass, and it’s still still dead, it’s probably been a victim of disease.

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