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The coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm, a tree which is intricately woven to the tradition of Asian folklore.

The fruit is green when unripe and turns orange-yellow to brown when mature. Under the husk is a hard, round shell containing thick white flesh. In the centre is a liquid called coconut water.

The flesh, when it is scraped from the shell, grated and pressed, produces the thick, creamy liquid called “coconut milk”. The first thick pressing is a liquid with high-fat content. The fat rises to the top in the form of coconut cream and is used – just a cow’s milk cream is used in Western cuisine – to finish a dish or as a thickener for a sauce. The second and third presses successively produce finer “milk”. The less creamy liquid is used as a cooking medium for vegetable, fish and rice dishes. Being a meat tenderizer, it is used in stews. It is also used in drinks and soups.


The liquid in the center of the coconut – coconut water – is quite sweet and rich in vitamins. It is used in India for “women’s issues”, and in rural Asia, it has been used in medical emergencies when saline for an infusion is not available. While still in the shell, the coconut water is clean, germ-free and pure.

Asians use milk and coconut cream in the same way as Westerners use cow’s milk and cream.

Coconut milk – like cow’s milk -goes rancid easily, especially when it’s not refrigerated; it overflows and curdles when boiled; separates when covered with a lid after cooking, and must be stirred and cooked at low temperature to preserve its shape and texture.

Grated coconut can be used as a dressing, as a garnish and when roasted and mixed, it gives texture to Rendangs and Southeast Asian salads.

The white flesh of the coconut is pure and intact, symbolic of purely in life. Asians have used coconuts for religious rituals for countless generations. Hindu ceremony breaking coconuts as birthdays and weddings for good luck. When a coconut is broken during a wedding, it is important that the break is smooth and even so the wedding is smooth and not fraught with jagged events that would disrupt the temperament of life. Malays plant a coconut palm at the birth of a baby and count the rings on the trunk to calculate the age of the person.

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